Police Department


22 Meadow Street
Willimantic, CT 06226




Link: Police Department Page

Administration Hours

Monday through Thursday
7:00 am to 4:00 pm

7:00 am to 11:00 am

Administration / Copies of Reports

Phone: 860-465-3141
Admin Fax: 860-465-3138

Please provide call for service (CFS) number when requesting copies of reports. The fee for such copies is $0.50 per page.

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Clark, Joshua Sergeant 860-465-3135, ext. 1305  
Glode, Doug Deputy Chief of Police    
Hussey, Paul Chief    
Midford, Ron Officer    
Miller, Charles Lieutenant    
Prose, Amber Officer    
LaChappelle, Brandon Officer    
Lussier, Brook Officer    
Catanzaro, Christian Officer    
Rovella, Daniel Sergeant    
Garcia, Eduardo Officer    
Constantino, Emily Police Social Worker    
Dean, Eric Detective    
Myshrall, Eric Officer    
Silva, Fabian Lieutenant    
Rosado, George Officer    
Rivera, Guillermo Corporal    
Nixon, Jacqueline Corporal    
Mercado, Javier Lieutenant    
John, Jonathan Officer    
Gutierrez, Jose Officer    
Charron, Joshua Corporal    
Edele, Keith Detective    
Manzie, Kiana Officer    
Giller, Kienan Officer    
Kloter, Lacey Officer    
Gresch, Laura Executive Administrator    
Frechette, Lu Sergeant    
Guilmette, Luke Officer    
Christian, Makayla Officer    
Edwards, Matthew Corporal    
Nixon, Matthew Sergeant    
Solak, Matthew Lieutenant    
Perez, Megan Officer    
Suplicki, Michael Detective    
King, Nicholas Detective    
Sullivan, Nicholas Officer    
Mickens, Patrick Officer    
Bussolotta, Paul Officer    
Meshanic, Peter Community Service Officer    
Tatro, Robert Detective    
Pearl, Robin Administrative Records Specialist    
Finnigan, Ryan Officer    
Alba, Steven Officer    
Pogmore, Tyler Officer