Bulk Water Filling Station



 Location: 174 Storrs Road, Mansfield Center, CT

 Regular Hours: 7:30AM to 2:30PM (Monday through Friday)

 For after hours access, you must call to make arrangements. 

From November 20 through April 15 please call to verify station is open.

For more WWW information, contact:

Phone: (860) 465-3086 or 

email:  info@windhamwaterworks.com

The WWW operates a bulk water filling station that customers can use to fill water tanks up to and including large commercial tanker trucks. The easy access terminal provides security and ease of use. Typically, a fill station is utilized by bulk water haulers for commercial and residential use.

Customers/haulers are required to provide an air gap when filling their trucks.
***Nobody is allowed to climb or stand on top of their vehicle or trailer on Windham Water Works property.***

Haulers must have their trucks inspected and also register with WWW before filling their trucks.

Click here for the current rates

WWW will bill you monthly for the amount of water you haven taken.