Records Department

Copies of Police Reports

  • To request copies of Police Reports please contact Police Administration during office hours.  You may do this via phone or by visiting Police Headquarters.  There is a cost of $.50 per page of the report.  

Accident Reports

  • Typically available 5 days after the accident occurred.  There is a cost of $.50 per page of the report.  

Vendor Permits

Third Thursday

  • For Third Thursday Street Festival permits you must first be approved by Willimantic Renaissance, Inc.
    • Once approved you are required to register at the Willimantic Police Department (WPD). This must be completed in person.  Bring your Fest acceptance letter and a picture ID to the Police Department, at which time you will be required to complete a criminal history check. The charge for this application/background check is $20 (cash or check ).  The Police application will be denied to anyone with a felony conviction.

Vending & Soliciting Permit

  • Applications can be obtained at the Willimantic Police Department Admin Office.  A $20 criminal history check fee (cash or check) will be collected.  Any felony convictions will disqualify you from obtaining a permit.  
  • Upon approval from the Chief of Police your permit will be granted and a fee will be collected.  The current fee schedule is as follows: (in addition to the background check fee)
      • One week permit - $10
      • One month permit - $20
      • Two month permit - $30
      • Six month permit $40
      • One year permit $65

Background Checks

  • If you need a local background check you must visit the WPD Admin Office with a government issued ID during business hours.  A $20 fee will be collected for this service (cash or check).  Note that the WPD is only able to conduct background checks for incidents that occurred within the city of Willimantic.  Statewide backgrounds must be completed by the CT State Police.  

Please make checks payable to the Town of Windham.