Lead Pipes Service Line Inventory (LSLI)




Lead Service Evaluation Notice

Initial Lead Piping Service Line Inventory (LSIL) 


The EPA’s revised LCR contains a new requirement that all public water systems nationwide develop an “initial inventory” of all their water service lines and connections, including – for the first time ever – all the water lines and connections on private properties. This new regulation requires water utilities to publicly post the findings on a map posted on our website. 

The federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the CT Department of Public Health now require all water departments to document the presence of lead service lines (pipes) within their systems. Measures are currently in place at Windham Water Works (WWW) to minimize the leaching of lead and deliver safe water to you. The EPA’s long-term plan is to replace all lead water piping.

 A “service line” is the underground pipe carrying water from our main to a home or business.  Each service line lateral,  requires connections to the water main, the customer’s properties, and interior plumbing. Each service line and connection may consist of multiple plumbing material types, including lead, copper, iron, brass, and plastic.

WWW is responsible for the water line, and connections between our water main in the street and the “curb stop,” (the curb stop is our valve on the water line where the water can be turned on and off.)

We are required to survey customer owned pipes to determine which ones are lead.

 While we removed almost all known lead service lines from our side of the system for the safety of our customers, there remains a possibility that lead service lines and connections could exist in some portions of our more than 96-mile system of water pipes. There is also the possibility that service lines, connections, and fixtures on private properties or within homes or businesses could contain lead.

WWW has created an initial inventory of lead service pipes based on tie cards and construction records, but those records are NOT perfect. To improve our inventory, Windham Water Works (WWW) employees will be doing an In–Home Verification on the homes that did not self-verify on the website.  This includes:

  • A physical inspection of the home’s service line to determine existing material. The service line will be “examined” and the results will be immediately known (presence of lead or not).
  • Access to the service line pipe inside the home (often in the basement) where your meter is located. The space must be clear and the pipe must be exposed to complete the test.
  • Homeowners will be notified via email, phone call or a door hanger in order to schedule an appointment.
  • This test takes approximately 15 minutes.
  • We respectfully ask you for your assistance in several ways, including allowing us to access your property and/or for your participation in a water service line self-identification survey.

 Click Here to see a useful document to help you identify the piping material used to make your service line, including a step-by-step guide to identifying Lead Service Line Photos lead lines and connections.

 Thank You for your assistance.

What can you do to help?


  • You can provide us with the information we need by using the on-line self-assessment Water Service Line Materials Survey at:                    https://lead-service-line-inventory-windhamwater.hub.arcgis.com/ or by scanning the QR code below. 
  • Call or email to setup an appointment for the water dept to perform a survey.
  • Please Email us a photo of your water line entering your foundation/basement located just before your water meter. LeadPipes@windhamwaterworks.com


Call:     Windham Water Works at 860-465-3086   or

Email:   LeadPipes@windhamwaterworks.com

     With a proposed appointment time and date.

       WWW will email you confirmation of your scheduled appt.

Inspection Dates and Times are below:

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (8am – 2pm)

Tuesday (8am - 7pm)

Saturday dates and times are as follows Dec 16th,  Jan 13, & Jan 27th (7am -11am)


Additional Information from WWW

"Information on Lead Water Service Lines"

More information from the EPA:

The Water Department and all Windham Water Commission Members thank you for your assistance in satisfying these new federal and state regulations.