Windham Water Works FAQ

The Parks Spring aka Alex Caisse Park spring is a trademark stone wellhouse located at 620 Jackson Street Willimantic CT. This natural spring is open to the public year round. 

Until it was named after a former superintendent of streets and parks in 1994, Alex Caisse Park was informally called Park Springs, after the water source.

The spring is tested weekly by an independent laboratory.

It is NOT connected to the municipal water supply.

Lead Service Line FAQ's 

Click here for a link of questions and answers regarding the lead Service Line

Any questions you have regarding your water bill?

Please contact revenue office at 860-465-3029

How do I pay my water bill?

1. Mail a check to Collector of Revenue 979 Main St Willimantic CT 06226
2. Go to Revenue page by clicking here.

How do I put my properties water bill in tenants name?

To have a copy of the bill sent to a tenant, the owner would need to contact the Water Department. This request needs to be in writing, you can email or mail request to 174 Storrs Rd Mansfield Center CT 06250. 

How do I schedule a final meter reading?

The customer or the closing Attorney can email or call the Water Department Office at 860-465-3086 to schedule a final reading.

How do I schedule a Hydrant Flow test?

Hydrant Flow Test Request

How is my water bill calculated?

Calculations rates are as followed: 
(As fiscal year budget, 2023)

Windham Customers
$2.81 per 100 cubic feet of water used to consumers.  

Mansfield Customers
$3.50  per 100 cubic feet of water used to consumers.  

How many gallons are in a cubic foot?

1 cubic foot equals 7.48 gallons

How can I remove the taste and smell of Chlorine in my water?

The taste and smell of chlorine can be removed by refrigerating the tap water in an open container, preferably glass, since some plastic bottles will add their own taste to the water. ie.. pitcher