Registrars of Voters

There are two registrars of voters in the Town of Windham. One Registrar is a Democrat, the other is a Republican. The party affiliation of either registrar has no bearing on the duties carried out by the office of the registrars.

Election Day!

The Presidential Preference Primary will take place  on Tuesday, April 2, 2024.

The polling places will be open from 6am until 8pm.

Voters must be registered in the political party in which you plan to vote. 

If you are currently unaffiliated you have until noon on Monday March 25th to register in a political party in order to vote in the primary.


Early Voting for the Primary will take place for four days in the Bellingham Auditorium at the Town Hall, 979 Main Street Willimantic.

Tuesday 3/26 10am-6pm

Wednesday 3/27 10am-6pm

Thursday 3/28 10am-6pm

Saturday 3/30 10am-6pm

¡El Día de Elección!

La Primaria presidential se llevará a cabo el martes 2 de abril de 2024.

Los lugares de votación estarán abiertas de 6am a 8pm.

Los votantes deben estar registrados en el partido político en el que planea votar.

Si actualmente no estás afiliado tienes hasta mediodía el lunes 25 de marzo para registrarte en un partido  político para poder votar en la primaria.

Votación Anticipada

Votación anticipada se llevará a cabo durante 4 das en el Auditorio de Bellingham en el ayuntamiento, 979 Main Street Willimantic.

martes 3/26 10am a 6pm

miércoles 3/27 10am a 6pm

jueves 3/28 10am a 6pm

sábado 3/30 10am a 6pm