The mission and purpose of the Town Planner is to provide coordination of the services for the various Town Departments where the physical development of the Town is concerned. In fulfilling this function, the Planner provides staff support to the Planning Commission, Zoning Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals and occasionally assists the Conservation Commission.

This involves the following activities:

  • Meeting with applicants to guide them through the review process
  • Preparing agendas for the Boards
  • Conferring with other departments in review of plans
  • Preparing legal notices for the Boards to conduct public hearings
  • Contacting applicants for additional information when needed
  • Making recommendations to the Board in rendering decisions
  • Processing and coordinating the implementation of conditions that may be imposed.

In addition, the Planner works closely with the Boards in reviewing regulations and administrative policy, and is instrumental in implementing the revisions. The Planner must be a professional accustomed to handling the myriad details of administration, and must exercise considerable judgment in his duties in order to protect the Town's best interest while also upholding the citizens constitutional rights. In addition, the Planner provides assistance to the First Selectman on special projects or for routine administrative matters, and has recently been assigned the responsibility of administering the Lead Abatement Program.

Goals and Objectives

  • Coordination, review and revision of Zoning Regulations and zoning map.
  • Examine existing regulations to eliminate any unnecessary regulation.
  • Identify areas in Town in need of neighborhood revitalization.
  • Work towards implementation of a Geographic Information system for the Town.
  • Administering the Lead Abatement Program for qualifying residential properties.