Mayor - Town of Windham

Thank you for visiting our new improved website. Windham is a town of constant improvement. I hope you can find navigating it easy and helpful. We are working to keep it fresh and up to date everyday. The calendar on our site of course is not 100% perfect as we have so much going on that it makes my head spin, but don’t give up, we will get it right.

This is my first update since the November election and I want to Thank all of you for supporting my vision of a great community, where neighbors care for and know each other. I will try to update at least 4 times a year to keep you informed.

I heard you and your challenges. The council is currently working on a fair rent commission. This commission is not being created to slow up investment or realization of profit in real estate. We are creating it in response to increasing homelessness and the need to help tenants and landlords find the resources needed to help us stay in our homes. We also see some landlords raise rents and not maintain the property, or remove and eliminate amenities, without any checks and balances. I demand quality housing in Windham and hopeful this is a path forward.

I also heard from many of you about the challenges of blight and the decline of neighborhoods with poor maintenance and messy unsightly properties. I am committed to finding the resources to help clean up Windham. We have a blight ordinance but it is out of date and not working as we had envisioned it. The council will take it up as soon as the fair rent commission is complete.

Many of you are looking for new fields for soccer and other sports, park upgrades and more recreation investments. These are on the table. The Noznick Park committee has finished up its work and we will work to attain funding. I am looking into reconstituting our parks and recreation commission and will be looking for volunteers in the spring.

The high school renovation project is down to its last year. Every student is currently in a new classroom so the end is almost here. Please continue to support our schools and watch for the ribbon cutting ceremony when complete. I cannot wait to see the entire project done and walk down the new High School.

Lastly, budget season is almost here. The council will do it’s best to fund the programs we need and yet still work to keep taxes in check. So please continue to support our efforts and check the web site for upcoming budget meetings and votes.

Thank you,

Mayor Tom DeVivo