Animal control 


Windham Animal Control is a Division of the Willimantic Police Department that enforces all State Laws related to animals. It is the responsibility of the Animal Control Division to investigate roaming dogs, animal bites, cruelty to animals, barking nuisance, unreasonable tethering or confining a dog, leash law, valid rabies vaccination, dog licensure and rabies related wildlife complaints that present an eminent danger to the public. It is the goal of the Animal Control Division to educate the public on humane animal care and to place impounded animals into qualified homes. The Officers in the Animal Control Division are animal lovers and show love and respect to all animals that come to the facility. 

Adoptable Animals we use Pet Finder and Facebook to display the available animals in the Town of Windham.

Animal Adoption we use a pet adoption questionnaire to match prospective owners with pets. We give extensive information about our pets and pet behavior issues in order to ensure a successful adoption.