About Us

Statement of Mission

The Economic Development Department's mission is to facilitate the growth, diversification, and stability of the Windham economy; to create meaningful employment opportunities for all of its citizens, and expand the economy in order to provide a stable and growing tax base for the operations and services provided by the Town.

In carrying out its mission, the Department concentrates on three primary areas of focus:

● General Business Assistance

● Marketing, Promotion and Social Media

● Grants

 General Business Assistance

● Business Assistance

● Participate in Statewide Economic Development Meetings

● Attend State and Regional Real Estate Conferences

● Administer Windham Enterprise Zone and Entertainment Districts

● Notify Eligible Town Businesses of Grant Opportunities

● Act as Liaison Between Businesses and Town Regulatory Departments

● Monitor Sales/Purchases of Large Commercial Buildings

Marketing, Promotion and Social Media

● Implemented Strategic Marketing and Branding Plan (with EDC)

● Produced, Wrote and Developed Four TV/Digital Commercials (3 English, 1 Spanish)

● Developed One-Stop Business Assistance Web Portal

● Developed Tourism/Visitor Website

● Created Four Social Media Pages

● Coordination of Press, Authoring Press Releases, and Coordinating Press Events

● Sponsorship of Local Events


Since 2016, the Department's activities in this area have procured approximately $12 million in grants, through application and receipt, administration, and/or assistance to town departments. 

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